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UnifiedPush Server 0.10.1 has been released !

This week AeroGear’s UnifiedPush Server 0.10.1 has been released and it comes with some nice enhancements that will make you life a lot easier.
As a quick refresher : The UnifiedPush Server is a server that allows sending native push messages to different mobile operation systems. You can find more info about it here and also check my previous blog post that covers widely the subject.

So, what is new in this version ? This release comes with 2 new features :

  • Compose Push Message : to test your settings / variants / Application / Registered device.
  • Generation of Registration Code Snippets : generated for each variants, you can use these to safe time when developping your Mobile App.

Compose Push Message


You have just created a new variant, for instance an Android Variant and before connecting the whole backend you want to be sure that your device can receive  Push Notifications ? Well, since UPS 0.10.1 you can send test messages.

It’s really easy, from the Push Application details page you will see a new link “Compose Push Message”. Just click it and will be brought to the “Compose Push Message” screen.

From there you have 2 options : just fill in the text area and hit the “Send Push Message” button. All the registered devices for all the vairants under this Push Application will receive the message.

But maybe you want to test a more fine grained Push Message by passing some criteria, like only one particular variant, alias or device Type ?

In this case, just switch to the “Section” mode next to “Audience”. From there, you can add all the criteria you want.



The message from the text area will be send for the message key “alert”.

Registration Code Snippets

As you know, when you create a new variant, an variantId and a variantSecret are generated. These must been used in your mobile application in order to register them self with the UnifiedPush server. Besides that you need some extra information, like the URL of the Push Server or the SenderID when using an Android Device. You also need to write some boilerplate code.

With 0.10.1 we offer a way to make this step easier :  when you create a variant, we generate on the fly some really convenient code snippets that you can directly past into your Mobile Application Code.

No need to check for the right platform, the Push Server know the type of the variant and therefore generates the code in the expected language : Objective-C for iOS, Java for Android and JavaScript for Web.



But maybe you are developing an hybrid application, using Cordova and not a pure native one. And in this case you are probably using AeroGear’s Corodova Push Plugin  , well good news, for each of the platforms we also generate the Registration Code Snippet for Cordova !


That’s it ! With these 2 new features engaging your users by integratiing Push Notifications in your application will be easy as pie.

You can grab the 0.10.1 release here or build it from the sources like a big boy here